The Roxy BUZZCOCKS April 77 contract

The Roxy BUZZCOCKS March 77 contract

Buzzcocks/Johnny Moped/Wire/X-Ray Spex/Smak
Last night of recording.
Andrew: We were supposed to re-record Siouxsie but she lost her drummer, Kenny
Morris, so Johnny Moped stepped in to play in their place. At the end of the night,
Eater were packing up and taking their gear up to the van they had outside the
front door. All of a sudden, there was this shower of beer bottles flying at them
and the club. We all ran inside for protection. It turned out these lads I had asked
to leave were waiting for the band. I don’t think they were too happy when Andy
Blade and Dee the drummer chopped up the head of a pig on stage and threw it
in the crowd, splashing blood and brains on their smart jeans.
Mike Thorne, Roxy album producer: On one Saturday night, mood and ghosts played
together. Eater had topped the bill, and I’d enjoyed their set from the floor. They
had used a severed pig’s head, hacking away at it during the set, which had startled
the audience thoroughly, the stage detritus giving the band following them some
pause for thought. These were possibly the last times when an audience could
still be genuinely shocked. At the end of the night one of the punters, in another
interesting altered state, was holding it in front of him in the middle of the floor,
dancing round slowly, a five-yard radius buffer zone moving around with him

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