The Roxy Our Story: The Club That Forged Punk


‘It’s a rarely detailed account, proper eye witness gold.’ KRIS NEEDS, journalist, author, biographer.

It tells the fascinating story of the radical, anarchic ‘ROXY CLUB’ in 1977’s Covent Garden, London. The ROXY Club’s sounds, style and ideas still reverberate through alternative culture to this day.

Illustrated with over 100 rare and previously unseen personal archive photos, flyers, rare artwork and newspaper clippings, diary entries, band contracts and other ephemera of the time. The ROXY Book is both a visual and cultural record of a key moment in English Punk Rock  history. The ROXY book is a highly entertaining and visually stunning guide to a pioneering alternative to the mainstream UK music scene, a handbook of pluck and determination

Mick Jones – The Clash – ‘I look at the 100 nights of The ROXY as the Life span of Punk.’

In private collection of the creators of The ROXY Covent Garden London UK Worlds first PUNK club