Vivienne Westwood Malcolm McLaren Two Cowboys T shirt

Not for sale

Vivienne Westwood Malcolm McLaren Two Cowboys T shirt customised by Andrew Czezowski with stab wound cut By Sid Vicious

Excerpt from The ROXY our story

Andrew: The launch party for the James Street building was on Saturday, August 27th, 1977. It was probably London’s first warehouse party. Steve Strange was on the door doing what he did best, ripping us off by selling tickets to tourists! The Slits played on the ground floor. Unfortunately, the Pistols had been winding The Slits up all night and Ari Up had a go at Sid Vicious, who then tried to stab her. I separated them just as Sid picked up a pair of scissors from somewhere and lunged at her, missing Ari and getting me in the stomach, right through my smart SEX naked cowboys t-shirt. Still got the t -shirt plus a hole from the stab wound.  Happy days

In private collection of Andrew Czezowski and Susan Carrington creators of The ROXY Covent Garden London UK Worlds first PUNK club